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However, she develops a Literal Split Personality sprung from her carnal desires, who is most pointedly not afraid to admit it, and the original as well as duplicates based on other aspects of her personality doesn’t exactly deny what her libido is saying. In Akagami no Shirayukihime the titular heroine seems very modest and quick to blush when she’s not working as a medic but thanks the knight Mitsuhide after she accidentally sees him shirtless and says it was a nice view to the surprise her boyfriend Zen and Mitsuhide’s mortification. Several characters in Axis Powers Hetalia. England seems like a bit of prude until you get him drunk or learn about his people’s sexual records; Japan has monologued before about the superiority of 2D over 3D; Germany seems to have a thing for bondage and possibly bestiality according to Italy ; Hong Kong loves to make porny artwork despite China ‘s protests and doesn’t seem to regret it one bit; Hungary will beat up you and your entire army with her Frying Pan of Doom if you harm her husband Austria Spain seems to be completely oblivious about sexual things such as when France gropes him and he doesn’t notice and only an Accidental Pervert pulling South Italy’s curl without noticing it’s an erogenous zone. Then it turns out he has rather elaborate, occasionally creepy fantasies about the Italian brothers.

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Based on the pseudo-autobiographical comic by Yumiko Oshima, Gu Gu the Cat tells the tale of Asako Kojima Koizumi , a comic book artist living in Kichijoji who works at home with her four assistants long-time assistant Naomi, played by Ueno, is the only one with a name. Good thing this is a movie about mourning dead animals, not humans. With Gu Gu as her new companion, Asako slowly picks up the pieces of her life, even finding a potential human partner in a caring younger man that happens to look like Ryo Kase.

Meanwhile, Naomi has her own set of problems, including her career future and her relationship with aspiring musician boyfriend Mamoru, who may be getting a little too much attention from his high school female fanbase.

Hill of Freedom (Hangul: 자유의 언덕 ; RR: Jayuui Eondeok) is a South Korean film written and directed by Hong Sang-soo. It premiered in the Orizzonti (“Horizons”) section of the 71st Venice International Film Festival, and won Best Film at the 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards and the 36th Three Continents Festival. Hill of Freedom also made The New Yorker’ s list of.

Kase-san and Morning Glories: Director Takuya Sato happened to binge-read all the volumes of the manga available in the spring of , immediately falling in love with the series and deciding that he wanted to make it into an anime at some point. In his excitement he recommended one of his friends and common work partners, who would go on to become the character designer and chief animation director of this title.

And so they had to first test the waters with a music video, revealed alongside a promotional clip in late March and first distributed on Youtube a couple of months later. Their work made the short film a very pleasant watch, as well as an effective way to gauge popularity not just in Japan but also overseas. The strong reception immediately allowed them to take the project further, and since Sato had always felt that this would be a good cinema experience, they began working on this 58 minute long theatrical OVA — a project so personal that it only credits director Sato and designer Sakai for its planning, as opposed to producers and executives as is standard.

And so, all that passion was channeled into an immensely charming yet odd work. Kase-san and Morning Glories is actually an episodic OVA covering three separate stories from the original comic, presented without much of an attempt to connect their narratives. Instead we see snippets of certain moments in a relationship and the collection of daily life scenes that surround them, which is a statement about this work in and of itself.

Cute expressions from single panels are expanded into elaborate sequences that articulate those relationship dynamics in elegant, adorable way.

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The actor is building a slow but steady profile outside of his homeland, where he is already an award-winning performer with more than 50 films to his name. Everything was so quiet and beautiful. He recalls being a quiet child who liked frogs and who daydreamed a lot about girls and dragons. But a career in business was not to be. After a spell killing time watching B-movies, it was the much-lauded cult Taiwanese political picture A Brighter Summer Day by Edward Yang that finally sealed his fate.

Set in Taipei in the s, the film draws on the experience of growing up during an uncertain historical time.

Toda Erika and Narita Ryo (Allegedly) Dating! The Relationship Formed While Filming Code Blue. 0. Be First! byhallyunation October 11, Japanese Entertainment. Katsuji Ryo Matsuyama Kenichi Ayano Go Murakami Shingo Kase Ryo Narita Ryo The third guy named Ryo ww.

Tweet Aug 8, When we think of war, we often think of the brave soldiers who so valiantly fight for our freedoms. A global world conflict that lasted from , War War II changed the course of global history. Though we are now losing many of those who actually experienced War War II, film has done a wonderful job in preserving both the history and the stories of that time. The film follows a group of Jewish soldiers who begin invoking acts of vengeance upon Nazi officers as retribution.

Their final mission is getting to the leaders of the Third Reich, but they must team up with two women, a German actress and a theater owner in order to do so. After joining the Nazi party for political reasons, Schindler begins staffing his factories with Jewish workers purely for pragmatic reasons. However, as the extermination of Jewish people by the Nazis commences, Schindler arranges to have his workers protected. Tom Hanks plays Captain John Miller who takes his men behind enemy lines in order to find Private James Ryan whose three brother have been killed during the war.

During their journey, the men all embark on personal self-discoveries. Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan star in this thriller. After being discovered by his commanding officer Sean Penn , Witt is forced to resume active duty an mount an assault on the Japanese. While Rafe is eager to enter the war, Danny and Rafe’s girlfriend Evelyn take comfort in each other. However, their blissful life is abruptly halted when Guido and his son are taken to a concentration camp.

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This controversial decision kindled heated debate between the public and experts, with shades of the ’50s when the juries apparently ignored Visconti’s films. Likewise the great surprise of the following year, Raise the Red Lantern by Chinese director Zhang Yimou, did not succeed in winning the Golden Lion it went instead to Michalkov’s Urga , however the last Festival directed by Biraghi was distinguished by a broad variety in selection, and the inclusion of young American talent such as Spike Lee and Gus Van Sant.

Filmmaker Gillo Pontecorvo nominated Curator in then appointed Director until , the director of La battaglia di Algeri, took up office with three decrees:

Professional Review of “Gu Gu The Cat (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)” August 19, On the surface, Gu Gu the Cat seems like just another Japanese animal film with a lovable cat and likable humans like Kyoko Koizumi and Juri Ueno.

Anderson The Iranian-born director Abbas Kiarostami has been among the world’s greatest living filmmakers for some time now, though he’s far from a household name. And whatever reputation he did earn up until now will probably be knocked back a few squares with the U. Kiarostami has entered a refreshing new phase of his career. At the beginning, he told poetic, realistic tales of his home country Where Is the Friend’s Home? He then evolved into making highly experimental videos Ten , Five , Shirin.

Then, he recently delivered his first international production, the masterpiece Certified Copy , filmed in Italy, and with English and French stars. For his newest film, he has gone to Japan. The storytelling style in Like Someone in Love resembles that which Kiarostami has used for decades; it’s highly observant, with long, meditative takes, and even long passages with no dialogue.

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All three pieces contain surreal elements that convey the endless tumult and impermanence of a metropolis that, unlike the other great cities of the world, is constantly changing in the steady swirl of humanity and neon. Interior Design relates the problems facing a provincial couple, Hiroko and Akira Ayako Fujitani and Ryo Kase , arriving in Tokyo with the promise of short-term lodging, and with limited cash.

Hiroku is an aspiring and self-confident filmmaker, carrying around a finished experimental film that he will try to peddle to the studios. Akira, by contrast, feels insecure because of her lack of vocation. Hence, whereas Hiroko immediately gets a job wrapping gifts in a department store, Akira remains unemployed and unemployable. Still, Akira becomes increasingly despondent over her seeming uselessness, and decides to make a bizarre change in her very identity as a human being.

When this monstrous miscreant discovers a cache of World War II grenades in the sewer, his assaults become more lethal. Finally, he is captured and sentenced to hang despite the efforts of a French publicity-seeking defense attorney. The third part of the Tokyo! He communicates with the outside world solely through his telephone, which he utilizes mostly to order pizzas for his sustenance, and then meticulously stacks the empty pizza boxes in symmetrical rows that take up most of the space in his tiny apartment.

He pays for the pizzas with money mailed to him by his father. He makes it a point never to make eye contact with the people who deliver the pizzas.

Kase-san and Morning Glories: A Couple’s Small Miracle

Plot[ edit ] Akari is neglected by her father, a top surgeon who works long hours and puts his career before family. Her mother is hospitalized because of an incurable disease. Therefore, Akari longs for a dog who can keep her company. One day, a Golden Retriever puppy unexpectedly appears in the garden of Akari’s house, and Akari immediately decides to adopt it.

At her mother’s suggestion, Akari christens it “Socks”, because the puppy’s white paws made it look like it was wearing white socks.

Drama with genre: Police. Crime Squad. (Ryo Kase) is a career detective with a distinguished background. They work on cases by Status: Completed Released: with vermin, crimes commited by ordinary people happen everyday. Food mislabelling, high school girls’ compensated dating, businesses that exploit employees, one man will take.

Nevertheless, I suddenly got the urge to run down a list of the leading men of Japanese entertainment and giving my two cents on them. This list is by no means complete, and skews heavily towards the good looking actors rather than the acclaimed thespians. If you feel like giving a shout out to a J-actor you love but I neglected to mention, feel free to add them in the comments section. What I love the most about Japanese leading men is that they are all so very different from each other, both in onscreen presence and acting styles.

Kimura Takuya The Crown Prince of Japanese entertainment, with a twenty-year career spanning idol pop and serious acting. No one even comes close to his stature, name recognition, and all-around belovedness. SMAP is still going strong, releasing an album last year with sold out concert tours and variety shows that are still popular. And I am unashamed to admit that his career-making Long Vacation does nothing for me, other than add to my Takenouchi Yutaka love.

Fukuyama Masaharu This guy has my number for some inexplicable reason.

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January 3 Contagion [ ] [PG ] – 1. The authorities become even more alarmed when people around the world begin reporting the same symptoms and scientists have to get to work on a vaccine before it is too late. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Directed by Troy Nixey. Attempting to dedicate herself to both family and job, she nearly loses everything when her responsibilities clash with those of a new client Pierce Brosnan and her husband’s new job offer.

Directed by Douglas McGrath.

Ryo Kase (加瀬 亮 Kase Ryō, born November 9, in Yokohama) is a Japanese actor.[1][2] Early life Kase was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. He moved to Bellevue, Washington in the United States soon after his birth, due to his father’s job being transferred.[3].

Despite the older meaning of the word “gay,” gay characters in fiction tend to be a miserable lot, and not by simple coincidence — their misery can be attributed largely to their sexuality or, more accurately, other people’s attitudes towards it. In short, they don’t just have angst, they have gayngst. Characters suffering from gayngst are prone to alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse , self-loathing, rampant homophobia towards themselves and others , falling in tragic unrequited love with heterosexuals , contemplating and often committing suicide , and wishing that they were straight.

Gayngst is a Pet-Peeve Trope of many because while it usually portrays gay people sympathetically and addresses an issue many gay people in Real Life go through, it can be interpreted as saying that it’s impossible to be gay without being miserable, or that gay people don’t deserve Happy Endings , or at its very worst and most ineptly-handled, gay relationships are innately disastrous.

However , gayngst is still unfortunately common in real life. After all, True Art Is Angsty transcends sexual orientation; a real-life term for this would be Internalised Homophobia. If the story wants an uplifting tone, the character will eventually come to terms with their sexuality, have the obligatory Coming-Out Story , and either live Happily Ever After with their love interest, or morph into some other gay archetype usually Straight Gay or Lipstick Lesbian ; either this is their natural personality or they still have some lingering insecurity.

Gayngst is often found in the Yaoi and Yuri Genre works for obvious reasons. Doesn’t come up quite as often in works with a Cast Full of Gay — even if a couple of characters are of the angsty persuasion, they’re usually balanced out by the rest of the cast in such a way that the Unfortunate Implications are done away with. Not to be confused with the Gayngster , although some gayngsters probably have their share of gayngst.

Clumsy examples of gayngst often dive headfirst into Wangst territory. Sister Trope of Bury Your Gays , which it frequently overlaps with. Opposite of Queer People Are Funny.

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Any time in the year you will be able to find a detective drama on air. Usually, when drama aren’t doing so well, TV networks usually resort to detective dramas as a fallback plan because everyone loves them so much. I can’t explain why they are so popular but I sure am a big fan of them myself.

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Trailer Trailer for the upcoming film Tokyo! The films are as follows: Interior Design Michel Gondry Hiroko and Akira Ayako Fujitani and Ryo Kase , a young couple, arrive in Tokyo to pursue their careers, moving in temporarily with Hiroko’s old friend Akemi Ayumi Ito , a career girl whose boyfriend quickly tires of the houseguests. Hiroko and Akira appear to have a solid and mutually supportive relationship that will seemingly carry them through any challenge.

Akira, the young man, takes steps towards his ambition to become a filmmaker, but the woman is less sure of herself and gradually she begins to lose herself in the vast city. Ultimately she under-goes a surreal metamorphoses that gives her an unexpected sense of peace and purpose. Adapted from the comic “Cecil and Jordan in New York. After discovering an arsenal of hand grenades in his underground lair, Merde slips into full-on assault mode, hurling the munitions at random citizens and creating a Godzilla-like atmosphere of urban terror, which the media promptly laps up and reflects back to its equally voracious television audience.

The media circus mounts as lawyer defends client in a surreal court of law hungry for a satisfying resolution.

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Actually they are just terrible actors whose agencies are more interested in using them to endorse soft drinks and vacuum cleaners. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of great actors in Japan who study their craft as diligently as anybody in the Actor’s Studio. The bad news is that unless they’re attached to the right management agency, they often don’t even get a chance to audition, let alone appear in films of note.

So we thought it’s about time to reward the Japanese actors who don’t get enough love in the Japanese media.

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GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download Drama with genre: Police Crime Squad Korean Drama This drama focuses on a group of detectives in the Seoul Gangnam Police Homicide Division who solve crimes based on real life cases with their variety of skills and investigative… [ More ] Status: Four detectives from the Fourth Section of… [ More ] Status: Established after the September 11 attacks, this elite division, known… [ More ] Status: Kitagawa plays the part of Shoko, a gifted profiler who… [ More ] Status: The term “rinjo” is said to be police slang for the initial investigation carried… [ More ] Status: Pledging to catch the killer, he grows up to become an elite cop in New York City, where the criminal… [ More ] Status: One does nothing except for drinking coffee and living a luxurious lifestyle while waiting… [ More ] Status:

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