35 Reasons To Visit Hokkaido At Least Once In Your Life

Tue 23 Aug The information contained herein is embargoed from press use, commercial and non-commercial reproduction and sharing into the public domain until Tuesday 30 August Joanna Lumley travels across Japan from the icy Siberian seas of the north to the subtropical islands of the south. Episode 1 Joanna starts her mile journey across Japan in Hokkaido — one of the four main islands, where she travels to meet one of the most important animals in Japanese culture, the red-crowned cranes. Leaving the countryside behind her, Joanna heads to Sapporo her first Japanese city. She arrives during the middle of the annual Snow Festival, and meets members of the local indigenous community, the Ainu. Travelling south she visits a brewery that has been making sake since and walks to see one of the oldest Pagodas in Japan, dating back to the 10th century and constructed entirely out of wood with no nails. Joanna travels into the Fukushima exclusion zone, where a huge tsunami devastated the nuclear power plant in She visits Jigokudani Onsen which is not full of people…. Over of them come down from the frozen mountains every morning and spend most of the day enjoying the steaming hot waters.

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Performances are accompanied by a Vietnamese orchestra playing traditional music using drums, wooden bells, horns, bamboo flutes and cymbals. There are also authentic Vietnamese operatic songs telling the story that is being acted out by the puppets. Most of the shows recount Vietnamese folk tales and legends with topics including the celebration of the rice harvest depicted in a humorous fashion.

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While the snows, partying crowds and winter ice-carving carnivals will not disappoint, Hokkaido Island is also an attractive summer destination. There are spas, hikes, rides, scenic vistas at every turn and a dramatic, scenic coastline. In winter, however, the place really comes into its own. For a true taste of Japan skiing and white powder, Hokkaido ski resorts and hotels offer an attractive range for all wallets.

Sapporo Breweries, the oldest beer company in Japan, set up shop here in and runs the Sapporo Beer Museum. Alas the tours are in Japanese but English audio tapes are available. The block Odori Park, where much of the Sapporo Snow Festival action takes place, runs ramrod straight through the city dividing it into clearly demarcated north and south districts.

The historic Clock Tower is another must-see Sapporo sight. It was built in and also houses a small museum now.

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Discussion Sapporo the capital of Hokkaido is a great city to visit in Japan. I highly recommend visiting Hokkaido in the summer as the weather is very moderate compared to the rest of Japan. Nijo market has been around for more than years. It was fun for our children to walk by stalls after stalls of seafood, and seeing many things for the first time. There are giant Octopus legs, sea urchin, sea snails, and all sort of shellfish.

If you love seafood, this is definitely where you want to be. Originally just a fish market, it has expanded to include restaurants, bars, and other stores. Whatever you forgot to bring with you on the trip, you can probably find it there. I like browsing the stores for unique souvenirs and treats you can only get in Hokkaido. The beer museum is located in a building that was originally built for Sapporo Sugar Company. I love the Sapporo Beer Museum building.

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A wonderland filled with beautiful Sakura, snow and strange Japanese inventions like self-opening toilet seats. In this article, we bring you the best of Hokkaido and its capital Sapporo city. Hokkaido is the most popular province in Japan, even for locals. It is amazingly picturesque and your trip here will leave you with the most beautiful sights your eyes will see. Hokkaido is also one of those cities perfect for having a road trip on.

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You can enjoy Mother Nature and the grand sceneries. The Sapporo city is the gateway for visiting Hokkaido. The city has a lot of nice places to see and a lot of delicious foods to taste. It may make you hesitate to decide where to go! Here are the most recommended 10 places to visit in Sapporo. It is just like the Mecca for sports in Hokkaido. When the games are not on, the Dome Tour takes place to see the other interesting sights and activities in the ground.

Tsubasa In Sapporo

In normally conservative Japan, things can get a little, or a lot, more liberal after hours. In true Japanese fashion, customer service is a top priority and there is something for everyone. Regardless of theme, there are many different types with many different rules. A lot of these places have karaoke as well. Snack Bars are more for the older crowd though.

KAPPA LORE. Kappa are Japanese flesh-eating water imps who live in rivers, lakes, ponds, and other watery realms. They smell like fish and are generally portrayed with the body of a tortoise, ape-like head, scaly limbs, long hair circling the skull, webbed feet and hands, and yellow-green skin.

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It’s also an all-year-round destination. Being so far north, Sapporo gets plenty of snow. The mountains that ring the city and hosted the Winter Olympics become a playground for skiers and snowboarders, while the Sapporo Snow Festival in February is a visual spectacular. Come summer, when the city heats up, you’ll find food and drink festivals, open air music, enchanting Japanese gardens, and an easily walkable city center. There’s not much more to ask for from an Asian vacation destination.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sapporo 1.

ADVENTURE. A Sapporo guide for all seasons. A fun guide to beer and, of course, spas, oodles of noodles, and the best ski slopes in winter. A summer and winter primer to Sapporo and the delightful island of Hokkaido, Japan.

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Go on a ‘Kita Kita’ tour of Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival Photo: What started as a relatively modest event has grown to become one of the largest winter events in Japan, attracting about 2 million people every year. Sapporo is the fourth largest city in Japan by population, it is located on the island of Hokkaido. The city is known for its Snow Festival Yuki Matsuri. The history of the event began in February when six local high school students built six snow statues in Odori Park.

In , Sapporo was chosen as the site of the Winter Olympics, but due to the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, this was cancelled the next year. Maruyama Town was integrated as a part of Chūō-ku in , and the Okadama Airport was constructed in

November 23, Hey everyone! Sorry for the huge delay in posts. I was contemplating what I should do with this blog now that I am not living in Japan anymore. Anyway, more about that in another post. Down to the important stuff, women…: I was able to enjoy the Snow Festival while I was there as well as almost getting into one of the fanciest onsens in a rural town nearby until they caught my tatoo, sadface. You can check them out on twitter: The event was pretty fun and typical for a ladies night.

Sapporo Snow Festival

History[ edit ] The Nihon Shoki , finished in AD, is often said to be the first mention of Hokkaido in recorded history. According to the text, Abe no Hirafu [2] led a large navy and army to northern areas from to and came into contact with the Mishihase and Emishi. However, many theories exist in relation to the details of this event, including the location of Watarishima and the common belief that the Emishi in Watarishima were the ancestors of the present-day Ainu people.

The second site is Sapporo Community Dome, commonly known as Tsudome. It is a multi-purpose hall owned by the city. It is a multi-purpose hall owned by the city. The Tsudome site features a variety of snow and ice slides, a huge maze made of snow, a show rafting area, plenty of attractions for children, and food stalls offering a variety of.

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